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At DSU Discovery, our most valuable asset is our team. We take great pride in selecting top professionals in every field, guaranteeing unparalleled work quality and customer service. We firmly believe that fostering a collaborative environment empowers our team to operate seamlessly and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Team DSU is dedicated to delivering the level of service that has forged our long standing relationships with our clients. While we serve you, we aspire to be regarded as an integral extension of your own team.


We are dedicated to assisting our clients in efficiently managing extensive data volumes, employing best practices and established methodologies to achieve successful case outcomes.

Our team merges extensive experience in legal project management with cutting-edge technology, enabling clients to mitigate the expenses and risks inherent in the discovery process.


Law firms and corporations integrate DSU into their eDiscovery arsenal. We leverage LAW processing software and AI alongside our expert team, proficient in handling all digital devices to uphold the integrity of captured data.

DSU Discovery will simplify your review process, ensuring efficiency, and paving a comprehensive path to success in every case.

Call us today at 415.398.2111 – Option 3