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From our comprehensive suite of document review technology tools, to support by our team of legal professionals, our systems and services will guarantee a smooth and intelligent document review process.
Now that the data is streamlined and formatted for review, the case team is able to drill down on the case documents and build their case. At this critical stage of litigation it is imperative that the legal team has the tools and people in place to find the relevant information intelligently – and to make sure that nothing is missed. By leveraging our suite of review technology tools and our team of experienced professionals, we help our clients to develop and implement a review strategy to stay on top of their data and deadline.


At DSU we recognize the critical nature of efficient document review. We proudly feature a dynamic online hosting tool, Reveal ® with a number of customizable features designed to optimize your document review needs.


Reveal offers Project Manager, a centralized project management tool that allows you to store, track, and report on discovery project information. The Project Manager Dashboard is a high-level reporting tool that allows users real-time status updates on data processing or document review projects. Quick Entities enable you to view the documents organized in a number of helpful ways through analysis of the documents metadata or text. Reveal is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome for ease of use whatever your preferred browser and from wherever you are working.

You can rest assured that your data is secure and resides securely behind multiple safeguards and security certifications in our Data Center, which is SAS II certified.


We have chosen to collaborate with a trusted, talented and experienced attorney review service provider in order to facilitate a strategic solution for your review. Our partner, Essential Discovery, can deploy a team of all levels who will hit the ground running as soon as your need to outsource document review arises.


Essential Discovery’s managed document review offering integrates technology, people, and process to dramatically decrease expenses while at the same time increasing the quality and efficacy of a review project. Focusing only on the document review arena, the depth and breadth of their experience managing projects across the nation allows Essential Discovery to position themselves as true managed document review experts. More than just an attorney staffing company, they utilize an industry-leading Advance Review Team approach and in-house, Essential-specific Project Managers to deliver significant cost savings, increased speed, and greater accuracy for our clients’ document reviews.