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From financial irregularities and employee misconduct to commercial disputes, forensics has become an increasingly necessary part of today’s organizations—not only to protect the company’s reputation and financial health but also to protect against legal and regulatory risks.

DSU Discovery’s forensics services help companies and legal firms track and preserve the necessary information to respond to electronic discovery requests. At DSU Discovery, we know that your ability to build an effective, defensible case starts with us. That’s why our team takes a focused, methodical approach to the forensics process—working alongside you to provide total transparency from start to finish.



DSU Discovery’s team goes to work to ensure that every aspect of your evidence is securely protected. DSU Discovery can work with counsel to suspend the recycling of back-up tapes until the preservation or hold obligations have been addressed.

Since back-up tapes are used for disaster recovery and require special handling, we will work with you to identify the most complete data set from the tapes without significant duplication. This not only helps us reduce redundancies in the data—but also helps save time and reduce unnecessary costs.



Given the time, logistics, and costs of procuring data, DSU Discovery’s goal is to successfully manage each project and case in an open environment. That means from the beginning, your input and needs are taken into consideration—giving us a perfectly clear idea of the scope of your project, techniques of preserving data, and any hold obligations.

Our data collection team uses forensically sound tools and proven methodologies, while certifying the chain of custody, evidence preservation, and data integrity. We will seamlessly integrate into your business environment, minimizing interruption and maximizing efficiency. In addition to our multi-tasking efforts, our team is open to working at your office after hours and on weekends to make the collection and restoration process as smooth as possible.



While we understand that having the right information to support your case is no doubt essential to your success, at DSU Discovery, we know that being able to articulate your findings in a courtroom is also critical. And the more complete and compelling argument, the more persuasive your case will be.

Our professional team is not only here to answer your questions and execute any aspect of the forensic practices, we’re also here to support your case throughout the litigation process. As expert witnesses, we can present the evidence clearly and effectively. Whatever your case requires, DSU Discovery’s team is on your side.