Although some believed technology would create a paperless society, today’s organizations still manage and store large volumes of paper documents. As with electronic discovery, DSU Discovery understands how critical it is for you to be able to seamlessly file, extract, and manipulate paper-based information. While some organizations opt to scan and convert their paper documents to electronic files in-house, this can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task—particularly with large volume or large format jobs.


Through the paper discovery process, DSU Discovery’s team of highly trained specialists will help you uncover and convert all of your important documents into searchable files that you can efficiently manage—delivering unparalleled expertise and a high return on your investment.

Our sophisticated scanning, coding, and indexing services allow us to customize your data efficiently and effectively—saving you valuable time and money. Because when it comes to building evidence to support your project or case, every single detail matters.


For many firms, managing the paper trail can be overwhelming. Using state-of-the-art imaging technologies, DSU Discovery can convert your paper documents to digital files that give you greater control to sort, manage, and access your information.


Whether you need scans of high-volume color or black-and-white documents or scans of oversized and irregular documents, DSU Discovery’s document management team is here to help you turn those endless folders of paper into workable files. And because our team focuses on preparing files for use in legal proceedings, we understand that each document you entrust to us must be handled with the utmost care. We also offer onsite scanning at your office—making it even easier for us to ensure a high level of security and quality.

Onsite Scanning

On-Site Document Scanning Service

Our dedicated team of scanning specialists will construct a high-speed scanning environment at your location, making it possible for your documents to be scanned and indexed without ever leaving your property. This includes the entire process from preparation, scanning, indexing, file conversion.

If you have an immovable archive of paper documents that you need to digitize, We provide ultra-secure on-site scanning services to businesses throughout Bay Area.


Once your documents are scanned into the DSU Discovery system, our coding and indexing services make it easy to access your information. Our highly trained coding team works with you to develop the coding and indexing protocols your project requires. Using our sophisticated system, we can code a wide range of data into the database format you prefer.


Then, you can easily query for information, such as document date, type, or title; author; recipients; invoice and check numbers; dollar amounts; signatures; and even handwritten data. And if your case or project requires a more in-depth coding approach, we also offer optical character recognition to help you digitize large format files—moving imaged documents to electronic text files.