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The Process

DSU Discovery is capable of efficiently processing massive volumes of data. As this data meanders through our collection and processing work flow, the volume drastically decreases. We achieve this data reduction through preliminary culling processes such as applying date and file type filters, family level document deduplication and key word searches. After these basic criteria have reduced the dataset, we then leverage additional technology including near dupe identification and analysis, semantic clusters, quick entity, email thread grouping and predictive coding.

As the massive volumes of unstructured data are processed and culled, a higher level of relevance is achieved. At DSU Discovery, we understand that the most expensive aspect of any litigation is the attorney review hours spent reviewing very large data sets to pinpoint key documents. We take a collaborative approach to ensure that our data reduction methods are on target with the focus of the case. Our ultimate goal is to streamline the initial data set, prioritizing the documents that are most substantive to the case so that they can be reviewed in the most cost-effective way possible.

Information Management

DSU enables our clients to stay ahead of potential risk and expenses associated with eDiscovery by consulting on existing policies and procedures and facilitating strategies to properly manage electronically stored information (“ESI”).



Our team at DSU can help you proactively assess and evaluate the sources of ESI to provide a deeper understanding of the data’s scope and its potential implications in eDiscovery.



At DSU we have an experienced team that will utilize our knowledge of eDiscovery protocols to ensure that your data’s integrity remains sound and will be protected against alteration or destruction.



In a constantly evolving world of Big Data, the gathering of ESI has grown more complex than ever, requiring a sophisticated team of collection professionals with the experience and insight to leave nothing to chance. At DSU we have a refined collection service offering including forensically sound methodology, certified collection specialists and a wealth of knowledge on jurisdictional nuances.



DSU takes pride in our powerhouse processing capabilities. Utilizing industry leading technologies, our team of savvy analysts and technicians work in tandem with our project managers to rapidly quantify the volume and scope of ESI. We use our finely honed best practices to efficiently reduce and convert the ESI, as necessary, into formats that will enable your team to quickly get to review & analysis.



DSU offers dynamic review tools to give your legal team a competitive advantage when evaluating ESI for relevance and privilege. Our nimble platforms are highly customizable based on your team’s workflow, and we provide dedicated project managers to work hand in hand with your review team for each case and database. Whatever your timeline and budget, we will deploy our resources to keep your team on track.



At DSU we work side by side with our clients to utilize technology and processes to help them in evaluating ESI for content & context. We offer cutting edge analytics technology to help our clients find key patterns, topics, parties, and conversations. Our consultative approach from project inception enables your team to strategically navigate through pertinent ESI efficiently.



When you are facing a critical deadline to produce ESI you can count on our team to deliver the data correctly and on time. DSU can provide production deliverables to suit your specifications in any number of formats, around the clock if needed, doing whatever it takes to make sure we meet your deadline.



DSU works with a number of presentation formats to help your team showcase the ESI at deposition, hearings, and/or trial. The ESI can be displayed in native and near-native forms as it best suits the facts of your case and to present the evidence in a compelling fashion.